With rich product development experience, Hwa Meei is not willing to be mediocre and ready to accept your challenge at any time, which enables your innovative ideas to be realized and to become the focus of the market. Even if it is a thorny problem that other companies have rejected, Hwa Meei will take that as an opportunity for challenge.

From the vertical integration of product design and rapid modeling to the analysis and simulation of design and mold development and then to product validation, Hwa Meei can ensure that your unique idea can be properly protected in the process of development. What you deliver to Hwa Meei is not just a development project but also your trust.

Mold fixture

Molds and fixtures play an important core of the product realization; therefore, Hwa Meei not only keeps pursuing more sophisticated mold design and processing technology but also integrates automated fixtures and production equipment so as to ensure that your products can be produced more efficiently.

In response to the global layout and local supply trends, Hwa Meei can also cooperate with your local partners to develop molds and fixtures required for the in-place production so that you can construct a consistent global supply layout of products.


Manufacturing begins with the moment when a product is designed. With the continuous accumulation of experience, let Hwa Meei take manufacturing optimization and use situation into consideration with you at the beginning of the product design and expect that your products are flowing in the production line like the beat of a concerto.

To create your products, Hwa Meei knows it quite well that not only the frame and lens are put together but also their respective process details and integration need to match perfectly. And our team is equipped with this ability.

There is only one earth, and all resources are limited so that we should use all resources more refined through continuous improvement. Your products will protect not only people's eyes but also the sustainability of the earth.


- There is a certain risk in the innovative design or technology. Hwa Meei knows what quality means to you. You don’t just want a seemingly flawless product but a product that users can still trust through a variety of harsh environments.

Glasses serve not just as accessories for users to wear, but also as guardians of the window of the soul. Hwa Meei can repeatedly ensure the reliability of our products through a variety of test instruments from product development to manufacturing, which is our commitment to users and you.


No products can become better out of the void without accumulation of a number of basic technologies. In addition to products, Hwa Meei also keeps making researching in all kinds of related technologies to make the products you entrust more outstanding.


More than 60% of people around the world need vision correction. Hwa Meei could be your best partner in eye optics and lens processing technology, which is ready to work with you to provide vision correction services to more users.