We rethink the development of a corporate and the application of resources, no longer take the current material and process for granted, and start to change.

We redesign products and processes to reduce the use and recyclability of resources.

We refuse to use materials / processes that are harmful to the environment.

We reduce the waste (scrap/idle) of resources included person / space / time / water / gas / material / process / equipment / experience / knowledge.

We recycle resources (water / heat / wind / materials / molds) for regeneration.

We reuse idle resources / equipment / materials / spaces.

We restore environmental vitality through greening / conservation/beach cleaning to bring the earth back to life.

Renewable energy
We use renewable energy to reduce the impact of operations on the environment.

Goals and Results

  • Based on our concern for land and nature, Hwa Meei became the first supplier of Decathlon in Taiwan which joined the SBTi and made the commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 42% by 2029 compared to 2019 (base year). Our longer-term goal is to reach carbon neutrality in 2050.
  • Hwa Meei has continuously implemented the 8R in the development, production, and sales cycle of products, where many concrete results have been demonstrated.
  • Since 2014, Hwa Meei has been importing lean production and Gemba to continuously improve and reduce the waste of resources.
  • In 2019, Hwa Meei's own brand 720 armour launched Taiwan's first marine recycled glasses made of recycled fishnet.
  • In 2020, Hwa Meei established the first continuous production line and significantly shortened L/T so as to reduce resource idle and pollution emissions.
  • In the future, Hwa Meei will continue to improve the application efficiency of resources and to practice eco production through a variety of ways so as to make a contribution to the sustainable environment on earth.
  • Environment Management Approval:ISO 14001.  The verification scope of our company's ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is 30 Sha Lun, Anding District, Tainan City (Zhong Lun Second Factory).                                                                                          
  • However, the management system is not limited to the verification above scope. It applies to all our company's operations, products, activities, and services, including but not limited to Zhong Lun First Factory, Tree Valley Factory, contractors, suppliers, and other related entities and activities.


Sponsorship of sports events
Through the customized lens brand TEOS and sports sunglasses brand 720 armour, Hwa Meei has invested in the sponsorship of Taiwan classic sports events, such as Tour De Taiwan, Taiwan KOM Challenge, and various races like Formosa Xtreme Triathlon, to encourage more people to challenge the limits and explore Taiwan so that more people can see Taiwan.

Promotion of local culture
Based on the people, Hwa Meei optical company is deeply aware that the foundation of corporate culture is the cultural literacy of society. Hwa Meei keeps investing in cultural-related items, including Taiwanese trilogy film directed by Wei Te-Sheng , Amis Music Festival in Taitung, and all kinds of community cultural activities, etc.
Hwa Meei anticipates that more people will have more emotional connections to this land by knowing more about Taiwan history, moreover, they are willing to protect this land and make it better together. As a result, Hwa Meei optical company can keep taking root in this fertile land to grow up.

Feedback through social welfare
Hwa Meei Optical set up the first eyewear tourism factory in Taiwan – Hwa Meei Optical Eye Fun Vision to share knowledge about eyewear protection and to record the development of Taiwan's eyewear industry. Moreover, Hwa Meei also regularly allocates social relief funds to help families encountering difficulties due to social or disaster factors.


Corporate Vision
Our vision is " To build up a great team, To improve the utilization of resources continuously, And become a trusted sports vision expert for our customers "

Corporate Mission
Our mission is - we produce not only glasses but also happiness.
Making glasses is our root and origin. But we also want to
- bring happiness to our partners inside the enterprise through the optimization of enterprise culture and system,
- bring the feeling of happiness to our shareholders through the promotion of corporate reputation and business performance,
- bring the feeling of happiness to our customers through the technical research and development, and the assurance of quality and delivery,
- make the people living in the surrounding communities feel happy through the environmental control and community feedback,
- make the general public feel happy through the promotion of good products and eyewear health knowledge.


Hwa Meei upholds the business philosophy of "innovation", "pragmatic", "responsibility" and "sharing" to develop partnerships with our customers to achieve our corporate vision through the promotion of sustainable development and a happy workplace in all operations.

Sustainable development: through "innovation" thinking, to protect the environment as the Hwa Meei employees’ "responsibility", import and develop green design /green materials / green process / green energy to build up the green competitiveness, in order to achieve sustainable development cycle where enterprises and the environment can have mutual benefit.

Happy workplace: Partners of the team are the foundation of the sustainable development of the enterprise so Hwa Meei has created a better and friendly workplace with an "innovative" approach to implement the concept of “sharing” so that the team can share knowledge/experience and the results of business operation. And all can be proud to be one of Hwa Meei’s employees.

Partnership: To face the problem in a “pragmatic” manner, to improve all the time by investigating exhaustively, to satisfy customers so as to win their trust is the "responsibility" for all Hwa Meei’s employees so that Hwa Meei can further develop partnerships with customers and suppliers to build a sustainable and shared value chain.

Quality Commitment: Our quality policy is to "Meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations." Based on this policy commitment, all members of Hwa Meei are dedicated to continuously improving quality, cost, and delivery to meet customer demands. Furthermore, we remain steadfast in our commitment to invest in technological research and development, aiming to create superior products beyond customer anticipation.